Keeping warm, as nature intended

New eco-friendly heating systems

Environment protection

Safeguarding the planet for the wellbeing of all our tomorrows is now a binding commitment for all of us. All that is needed is to make few minor changes to our daily routine, get into some new habits and obey a few simple rules to make our personal contribution to keeping our planet healthy.

The CO2 missions produced by domestic heating systems bear considerable responsibility for polluting the atmosphere, which is why opting for heating using alternative and renewable energy sources is the most intelligent and most ethical choice.

It is precisely within this context that we at ENERKOS develop our products. All our heating appliances and systems are specifically designed to generate and distribute heat using wood, the perfect natural fuel that does not damage or alter the environmental balance.

Burning wood, that most traditional of fuels, produces an extremely high heat yield and it is currently the most economical fuel on the market. It is renewable because the trees will keep on producing it as long as the sun continues to shine. In contrast to the result of burning fossil fuels, burning wood is CO2 neutral and therefore it does not contribute to exacerbating the greenhouse effect.

Thermal power generation with pellets

These, along with its other exceptional properties is why wood is the ideal solution for generating energy for heating and for electricity.

There has recently been a newcomer to the ranks of renewable fuels, in the form of pellets. Pellets are small cylindrical shaped pieces made of pure hard wood shavings pressed under extremely high pressure in state-of-the art machines.

They contain no additives since the lignin contained in the wood acts as a natural adhesive.

Respect for the environment

Pellets require less than half the storage space taken up by logs and, in contrast to fossil fuels, neither their transport nor storage is potentially hazardous for the environment.

Pellets are easy to handle and they can be supplied loose or packed in handy paper or plastic bags. They yield an enormous amount of heat economically because using pellets as a fuel can produce a saving of up to 60% compared to fossil fuels.

Heating with pellets means heating with the utmost care for the environment and for its natural resources, in the most modern and completely trouble-free way.

New eco-friendly heating systems

New eco-friendly heating systems

Safeguarding the planet for the wellbeing of all our tomorrows is now a binding commitment for all of us. All that is needed is to make few minor changes to our daily...

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Become our partner

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